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Class 3 Driver Training

Typically the class #3 takes between 10-20 hours: 10 hours of individual in truck instruction and the Alberta Airbrake Course will cost $1340.00. Without the Airbrake, the 10 hours = $1100.00

*NOTE: Prior to the road test, the student must complete a Class 3 knowledge test at any Alberta registry ($17.00-$19.00). Pick up the manuals (car and truck) from a Registry office to study for the knowledge test. Study classes 3 & 5. The student also must complete an Alberta Air Brake Course before we can book the road test. The student is also responsible for the cost of the permit fee, of $145.00, to be paid directly to the Registry office.

Please phone for any clarification or confirmation needed as prices may change without notice.

Prices subject to change without notice




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