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1. How do I pick a Driving School?

"Checklist for Quality Programs in Tractor-Trailer Driver Training"
(.pdf format - you'll need to click "open" or "save" in the new window.)

2. Is there Financial Assistance available?

    At this time/ the  government of Alberta is not providing assistance to students for  training for a career in the Trucking Industry.

3. What are the requirements to obtain a class #1, #2, or #3 license?

    Each student must hold a non-graduated class 5 Alberta Drivers License and be a minimum of 18 years old in order to start in truck training.

4. Is a Driver's Medical necessary?

A Medical is necessary for Classes 1, 2, and 4. If you have any concerns regarding your health it would be beneficial to have a medical done prior to registering for driver training.

Medical Exam Information

5. When do Courses start?

We have continuous intakes, everyday is a new program.

6. How long are your Courses?

Courses vary from an hourly rate to a full 6-8 week comprehensive course.

7. What are the different Speed Transmissions?
(.pdf format - you'll need to click "open" or "save" in the new window.)

13-Speed Overdrive Models Transmission Driver Instructions

5-Speed Transmission Driver Instructions

18-Speed Model Transmissions Driver Instructions

9-Speed & 8608L Model Transmission Driver Instructions

10-Speed Model Transmissions Driver Instructions

Eaton Hybrid Transmissions Driver Instructions

UltraShift PLUS Transmission Driver Instructions

Eaton 9-Speed Synchronized Transmission Driver Instructions

UltraShift PLUS Transmission Driver Instructions Quick Reference Guide

Medium-Duty UltraShift HP (ASW) Transmission Driver Instructions


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