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Tractor - Class 3 or Tractor Trailer Class 1

$110.00 per hour

Gravel Truck - Class 3 or Truck & Pup Class 1 

$110.00 per hour

Bus - Class 2 Five Hour Course


Pre-Employment Evaluations

$120.00 per hour

Post-Incident Evaluations $120.00 per hour

Class 3  - 10 Hour Course -  "Includes" Airbrakes

Class 1 - 10.5 hours  *Includes" Airbrakes






Alberta Airbrake Course

The Airbrake course is a government approved course designed to give the student a working knowledge of an Airbrake System.


+$18.00 exam

Transportation Of Dangerous Goods

This course is designed to teach students the proper handling of Dangerous Goods and the laws concerned. They will learn what their responsibilities are in transporting; and the proper procedures in case of a spill.


Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)

This course is geared towards tractor-trailer units. You must achieve a mark of 80% or higher. This course is a 3 demerit reduction course that is valid for 2 years from the date of the course.


Load Securement

This course is designed as a hands-on approach to teach the proper way to load and secure a flat deck trailer. The class covers: chains, boomers, straps, and winches.


Forklift Certification

This is an 8 hour course designed for companies as a hands-on approach to learn control functions and safe operating procedures.


Reefer Course

This class covers Carrier and Thermo King Operation including new electronic touchpad controls. Practical instruction demonstrates installing a cold wall, air chutes, proper loading techniques, pulp testing, starting reefers using manual defrost and much more.


Tire Chaining

Classroom and practical with hands - on chaining using single, double and triple rail chains as well as cables. Learn the latest techniques of tightening and installation.



This course is designed to instruct the proper use and handling of Hazardous Materials in the workplace.



Skid Steer Certifica This is an 8 hour program for companies  4 hours of classroom and 4 hours of hands-on and observation. $250.00

****Tuition fees greater than $100.00 are income tax deductible****

Prices subject to change without notice

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